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Fingerboard completes perfect for a throw-around setup or even the newbie fingerboarder! Sesh Setups feature fantastic build quality, and real-wear graphics with amazing print detail. 

Includes the following:

  • 34mm x 98mm "Sesh" deck made from 5 plies of maple
  • 34mm wide chromed fingerboard trucks
  • 8 screws, 4 locknuts and 1 tool
  • CNC bearing fingerboard wheels
  • Foam grip tape
  • Stickers

NOTE: Sesh Setups come with hardware/trucks/wheels fully assembled & grip included but not applied. Sesh Setups include a "Sesh" deck and not a "Pro" wooden deck. 

Sesh decks are different from our pro wooden decks in that they are not artisan made, and thus do not quite feature the top-tier craftsmanship you can expect from a pro deck. They do, however, still feature very good molding, countersinks and rounding, offering a quality option at a great price!

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