About Deli

Hi guys! My name is Sidney and I am the sole owner and operator of Deli Decks. I started the brand in 2015, in Irvine, California. At the time, I was still in middle school, when fingerboarding and skateboarding were big hobbies of mine. My friends and I were avid users of Tech Decks and it was not long until we stumbled across companies such as Flatface and Blackriver that were making more refined professional wooden fingerboards.

Shortly after finding out about professional fingerboards and the companies that made them, I bought my first metal mold and started pressing decks in my garage. My workspace was very primitive; it was a foldup table with a vice, belt sander and drill press, everything I needed to start pushing out the first Deli Decks. Initially, I sold my fingerboards to friends, and eventually I decided to make an Instagram account for my brand to see if there was any interest.

Slowly, I gained a following and got my first sales. Deli Decks went from being hand-painted to having real-wear graphics, from being made of wood to the high-performance plastic that they are made out of today. My production process has changed drastically over the years, which is the coolest and most fulfilling part for me as a maker.

For the 8 year (and counting) lifespan of Deli as a brand, I have learned the ins and outs of fingerboard fabrication. I am always trying to bring new ideas and innovations to the fingerboarding community via unique, high-performing, quality products. I hope you enjoy!




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