All orders are packed and dropped off with the courier 2-5 business days after the purchase date. Once shipped, domestic packages will arrive in 2-5 business days and international packages will arrive in 1-3 weeks (shipping times may vary around the holidays).
Standard shipping courier is USPS, however UPS and DHL options are available at checkout.
All sales are final and returns/exchanges are not offered unless your product is defective. If this is the case, and your item is in unused condition, email us at delidecks@gmail.com for a full refund/exchange.
What are Deli Decks made from? Why plastic?
Our fingerboard decks are made from a special blend of high-performance plastics carefully engineered to have exceptional durability and the perfect amount of flexibility. Our material has several advantages over wood, and therefore make it more practical for making fingerboard decks. The resulting product will never loose its pop, is virtually indestructible, and waterproof.
Are Deli V2 fingerboard wheels harder or softer? Smoother or Grippier?
Deli V2 fingerboard wheels are not made from urethane. They are made from a harder resin material which offers far more strength and shock absorption while offering a far smother riding experience. They squeak on wood and tile. 


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