What is a Professional Fingerboard?

A professional fingerboard is a fidget toy which aims to miniaturize the experience of a full-size skateboard. As a skateboarder uses their feet to maneuver their skateboard, a fingerboarder uses their fingers to maneuver their fingerboard. This means that all the tricks performed on a skateboard can also be performed on a fingerboard, the only difference being that a fingerboard is 1/7th the size. There are many companies that make fingerboard decks, trucks, and wheels. All these products have a variety of sizes and shapes which the customer can customize according to their preference. The customer then combines all these parts to create a unique fingerboard setup which is truly their own!

This is how to properly set up a professional fingerboard! 

At Deli Decks, we strive to bring the fingerboard community products which give the feeling of a full size skateboard quite literally at your fingertips anyplace, anytime! Our fingerboard decks have medium/high kicks and concave, which gives a comfortable, natural feeling shape for your fingers to sit in. The med/high shape also gives our users better flick and pop, making technical tricks feel effortless. 

Check out this tutorial of how to kickflip on a Deli Deck!

We are always bringing new, innovative products to the fingerboard community with our greatest focuses being quality assurance and customer satisfaction! 

We encourage you to review our policy page to help answer any questions or concerns you may have. 

Thank you!



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